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Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem held on grand scale

Scholars describe Muslim Saleem as leading Urdu poet
Laud Muslim Saleem’s selfless service to Urdu
Bhopal, December 30, 2012 (Abdul Ahad Farhan): Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem was organised here on Sunday to felicitate great Urdu poet, writer, journalist and creator of massive directories of Urdu poets and writers on his 14 websites and blogs. The function was presided over by Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi from Delhi while former Chairman of MP Urdu Academy and Allama Iqbal Markaz Prof. Afaq Ahmad was the chief guest. Present MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi was also present on the dais along with Dr. Qasim Niazi and Zafar Naseemi on the dais. Dr. Barqi Azmi inaugurated the function by lighting a ‘shama’.

Muslim Saleem being felicitated by Azam Khan
In his paper, Zafar Naseemi described Muslim Saleem as a seasoned Urdu poet who has brought a new whiff of air in Urdu poetry. Quoting Muslim Saleem’s couplet lavishly, the veteran poet and writer Zafar Naseemi said that Muslim Saleem’s has his unique style of understanding and expressing things in an attractive way which enchants his readers and listeners. Bhopal is fortunate that Muslim Saleem has made the city his home for last 32 years. He said that Muslim Saleem has put in yeoman’s service for the cause of Urdu through this websites. He said that no doubt Muslim Saleem can be counted among big poets.
In his paper, Dr. Qasim Niazi lauded Muslim Saleem as a poet, writer, journalist and servant of Urdu, who has served Urdu through his websites selflessly. The octogenarian poet and writer Dr. Niazi said that whatever Muslim Saleem has said in his ghazals is novel since no one else has touched the subjects covered by Muslim Saleem in his ghazals before him. This is a sign of great poetry, which will be remembered for years to come.
Prof Afaq Ahmad being felicitated by Ataullah Faizan, president of Urdu Youth Forum, Bhopal.
Prof. Afaq Ahmad said that Muslim Saleem deserves the honour bestowed on him today. For this, he congratulated members of Urdu Youth Forum. Prof. Afaq read out a number of couplets of Muslim Saleem adding these can be described as additions to Urdu poetry. Dr. Afaq Ahmad also hailed Muslim Saleem’s service to Urdu through internet. He said that several of his old friends were reunited with him after finding his address and telephone number of Muslim Saleem’s directory Urdu Poets and Writers of Madhya Pradesh. He said Muslim Saleem has developed scores of directories of Urdu poets and writers of various cities and countries. This is a great work, which he has done alone.
From Left) Zafar Naseemi, MP Urdu Academy Chairman Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Barqi Azmi, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Dr. Qasim Niazi, Muslim Saleem
Presiding over the function, Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi from Delhi congratulated Urdu Youth Forum for organising such a grand-scale function in honour of Muslim Saleem who really deserves it for being a great Urdu poet as well as servant of Urdu. He said that before this day, he had never met Muslim Saleem. Dr. Barqi Azmi said that he was so impressed by seeing Muslim Saleem’s web directories and his kalam on various sites that he wrote over 7 poems in honour of Muslim Saleem before meeting him in person. He said that it is due to Muslim Saleem’s tireless efforts through his web directors that scores of sidelined poets, including himself, came to world limelight. It is a great contribution of Muslim Saleem, he added. On the occasion, Dr. Barqi recited his pomes in praise of Muslim Saleem, Bhopal and Urdu Youth Forum which were widely appreciated. 
Dr Barqi Azmi being felicitated by President of Urdu Youth Forum Ataullah Faizan
At the outset, general secretary of Urdu Youth Forum, Bhopal Shariq Ali delivered a brief speech in which he enumerated reasons behind honouring Muslim Saleem. He said that he and other members of the orgnisation have developed penchant for Urdu poetry and literature through internet. Shariq said that whenever he search for an Urdu poet or writer on google, one or other directory developed Muslim Saleem came to the fore. This made him and his young friends fans of Muslim Saleem. According to Shariq Ali, this function was held due to this reason.
Dr Barqi Azmi lighting 'shama' to open the function
The function was conducted by upcoming poet and theatreperson Badr Wasti in a very enchanting and pleasing manner. He described Muslim Saleem as a very good poet and human being. Urdu Youth Forum secretary Mohammad Ali proposed a vote of thanks.
Muslim Saleem wiith Barqi Azmi and Urdu Youth Club Members 2
Dr Qasim Niazi being felicitated by Shariq Ali.
Earlier, note ghazal singer Yaqub Malik sang Muslim Saleem’s numerous ghazals and was asked by the audience to repeat a number couplets. His rendition, which continued for 45 minutes in the beginning of the function was well received and clapped. 
Ghazal singer Yaqub Malik being felicitated by Shariq Ali 
Muslim Saleem with Dr. Barqi Azmi and members of Urdu Youth Forum, Bhopal.

Zafar Naseemi being felicitated by Shariq Ali    
Mohammad Ali proposing vote of thanks
Muslim Saleem wiith Parveen Kaif, daughter of Kaif Bhopali

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